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How Big A Deal Is Today For You?

My two favorite times of the year are Advent and Holy Week. Today marks the beginning of Holy Week as we celebrate the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. Palm Sunday. What I notice: some were ready, others reacted, and Christ’s responses.  Who was ready? The owner of the donkey who released the animal with open arms to be used by His Lord. Who else? Followers of Christ who lined the streets with palm branches as Christ rode in on a donkey all the while heralding Him in with praises. “Hosanna, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” Disciples in the crowd who had witnessed the miracles of Christ showed their readiness by going and spreading the word about Christ entry. Who reacted? The chief priests and Pharisees with fear as many were putting their belief and trust in Christ. The money changers who had infiltrated the temple of God. The “cleaning up” began as Christ overturned their tables. Who responded? Christ with authority and truth in spite of His grief over the unbelief that remained amongst the Jews. Which group are you in this morning? Did you wake READY to celebrate the ushering of this special time as those early believers lined the streets of Jerusalem? Have you, because you are READY, taken this opportunity to invite others to come, see, and hear all about the WHO and WHY we make such a big deal about Easter? Or are you REACTING? Is it an offensive thought to you that life COULD be different than your current circumstances. Is it more comfortable to remain, as the money changers, to go forward in your own efforts to control, manipulate, figure out on your own how to make the best life possible ....The Pharisees were OFFENDED that Christ came straddling a donkey clothed in humility yet claiming to be the Savior of the World. They were certain in their pious robes and minds that THEY knew better.

Might you respond like Christ? Would you consider today cleaning out your heart and mind while leaning into a better WAY of living.... of learning more about The Who and why of Holy Week and the difference that can make in your life? Today, would you ask the Lord, or a trusted believing friend, how to make Holy Week different this year...,the big deal that it truly is. I’m praying for every reader. Easter Blessings, Pam  

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