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Summer at the Store

It was on my first international mission trip to Poland where I grew to love Lynn Abercrombie. Lynn and her husband Greg were part of our small team traveling to partner with Kings Kids ministry. I remember a lot about that first mission trip. But one thing I’ll never forget was Lynn openly sharing about our dormitory style rooms. She stated how awkward it was for her and her husband to sleep separately in twin beds after being married to one another for so long. As a single mother traveling with my fifteen year old daughter it brought me great hope that God made healthy marriages and I was witnessing one. That was 2008. Ten years later Lynn is still a picture of hope in many other ways. Although our church homes have changed Lynn has been a constant support specifically with my small business Graves Grocery. She’s been bringing friends to feast and fellowship since I opened in 2013. One summer she even brought two of her granddaughters for a “Tea Party” who were visiting for “cousin camp”. Lynn reminds me why we need mentors, women that are a step ahead in life. They have older children, more life experiences, and a deep faith they readily share through strong support and encouragement. This past week Lynn brought in a group of ladies to celebrate several birthdays. Seeing them enjoy the food and fellowship together brought me great joy. When the store first opened one of my deepest desires was to be a safe place for women to gather and enjoy rich fellowship that refreshes the spirit. 

We all have spiritual markers in our lives; circumstances that shape our thinking and faith. I’m so thankful for the marker Lynn has been in my life. Although we don’t see one another often, each time I’m in her presence I leave a better person. I have found relationships to be the bedrock of my life’s journey. Relationships at home. My relationship with God. Relationships with others. They aren’t always easy but with careful intentional attention, they yield great rewards. Do you have rich and meaningful relationships? Would you today make it a matter of priority to attend to those near and dear to you? The benefits far outweigh the sacrifices, last our lifetime and even into eternity.  

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