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Adding Beauty To Your Space

We had the whole day Saturday of our anniversary weekend to explore Lieper’s Fork and nearby Franklin. After a delicious breakfast we spent the next few hours in and out of quaint shops most filled with items outside our budget. Yet, in the back of some businesses, you might find a trio of musicians playing for tips with a free open bar set up with wine and fixing to roast hot dogs on the nearby open fire. It was definitely an inviting opportunity to feast not only  on food but also music which filled both our hunger and our hearts. 

There were people everywhere and the air filled with expectancy of all the Fall promised. Many of us I’m sure had our minds already on ways to make the upcoming holidays meaningful and we’re looking for that unique item to share with someone special. 

We almost missed the final stop but thankfully my husband, who is detailed and task driven, prodded me into one final stop. And am I ever glad he did. There was another fire pit right outside the door with elements for roasting marshmallows. Although I generally avoid smoke pits due to lung issues, I would celebrate shortly with a marshmallow after experiencing the final stop. 

Upon entering the David Arms gallery, I noticed the complete quiet although the small shop was filled with customers. One glance on the wall and I realized why. His art is breathtaking, moving, and powerful. And I knew why: ninety percent or better of all my eyes took in within the first few moments was labeled with scripture. When I finally caught my breath and managed to ask the attendant  a question, it came out as  whisper. When my husband asked why I was whispering again I never hesitated. “I feel as though I am in the presence of God on holy ground”

Thankfully Mr. Arms had his originals printed onto a wide variety of products that did fit my budget such as bookmarks, notecards, small prints, ties, and more. 

I carefully selected my purchases: a print for my business, a print for the home my husband and I are remodeling to reside and finish our lives together, and a few “happies”. But I made sure when I exited that I stated with clarity, “if God chose to make me affluent, I wouldn’t bat an eye about spending the money to buy what first took my breath away. 

Check out David Arms artwork online and bring some beauty into your space today. Oh, I bought the frame at Goodwill for $2.99. My little space Grace Grocery: A Community Reststop, A Place to Satisfy Your Hunger and Your Heart now is a little more beautiful.

Thank you David Arms. 

Bring beauty however you are able.

Blessings and beauty,


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