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Story of the Day and How it Changed

=5Well it's Missionary Monday here at Graves. I thought about writing today about our responsibility to steward our resources as believers. I hoped to inspire you to strongly consider the biblical mandate to support missionaries. A Missionary is simply a person who tells others about Christ. HOWEVER, in light of the insanity that took place late last night in Nevada, I am spurred to shift gears to boldly ask you DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE SPENDING ETERNITY? I've known tragedy. I know exactly what it feels like to have your life one way and seconds later tragedy strikes and you your life is unexpectedly completely changed. When that happened to me in 2010 I resolved to live my life from that moment forward like it was my last. I made greater efforts to build bridges in troubled relationships. Everything in me kinda slowed down to take more time to savor the goodness, joy, and beauty all around me. I tried to continue to live a life that emulated the gospel but wasn't pushy or invasive but today that changes. I'm saying today that your life can be over in an instant. If you aren't sure if you belong to Christ, I am available to talk to you. In my sphere of influence I want everyone to know these truths. GOD MADE YOU, HE LOVES YOU. HE HAS A PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE. It doesn't make a hill of beans what you have done, what you are currently doing, or all the wrongs we will all still commit in the future. That's why Christ died. When you say yes to Christ and chase after Him the way you chase after other things, you'll stop doing a lot of what you're doing now because He changes your you a new one according to scripture. Also PARENTS!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE consider the enormous responsibility and privilege you've been entrusted. Who or what are you teaching your kids to chase after? Developing their spiritual formation as well as your own is OUR RESPONSIBILITY. My inspiration today is BE READY! I believe the Bible is ALL TRUE and realize it says things will get worse in the last days. Still I never dreamed I'd see some of what our world has experienced. I urge you ask yourself some hard questions: Are you ready to meet your maker? Are your kids? I know 100 percent I am and my kids are. I'm not perfect nor are my kids perfect but we belong to a perfect Savior who is in the business of redeeming and restoring. If you don't want to counsel with me, find someone wise and take your hard questions there. I urge you! Reacting in fear to these tragedies do no one any good. When we are secure, we are BRAVE WARRIORS who fight for truth on every battleground. #bebrave #askyourselfhardquestions #chasejesus #knowwhoyoubelongto

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