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Story of the Day

He’s been coming in for several weeks now. Gets the same thing every morning...a sausage and egg biscuit....a “soft” egg. He’s worked all night and stops off to sit a spell before heading home to Cullman. He plays solitaire on his phone or some sort of game anyway when he’s not making conversation with another customer who needs someone to talk to. Anyhow, this morning Frank said, “I wanted to let you know you won’t be seeing me for awhile. And I wanted you to know why I wasn’t coming in. They are changing my shift to 8pm to 4am. “ but what he added will last forever. “This has been good for me. You’ve been a place to REST- gather my thoughts- you know 50 miles is a long way for an old man like me (indicating his journey home after working all night).” People are tired and weary because life is hard. How can you be a place of rest to someone today. Think creatively. Often just being faithful in doing the things you are good at meets the needs of others. I promise the blessings received from living a life of faithful service to God and others far outweigh the sacrifices to do so. #acommunityreststop #storyoftheday #livefaithfully 

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