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I learned about more than bravery this Thanksgiving. I learned something about rocks. Keep in mind, at 51, I am technologically challenged. I’m still calling my 20 something friend to update my webpage and I just now began writing from my phone...again thanks to the kid, now young married almost college graduate, I once taught at church, sweet Beth. 

I currently don’t own a working laptop, still take crappy pics even with an iPhone 7, and have to get my adult daughter Mary to order Christmas Concert tickets online because I can’t figure it out. 

So when I saw the rock days before Thanksgiving, I just thought it was some “pretty” or “happy” that someone left to brighten a spot. And I LOVED the words on the rock. But it was Thanksgiving before another young momma educated me on the inspirational rock movement intended to spread kindness. She even sent me a link easy to click on and read about. 

I’m refusing to entertain any stress about shopping or gift giving. I’m inviting you to join me and remember rocks are free, kids would love spending time together, and leaving the rocks makes a difference in the lives of others. And it’s much easier than baking cookies:)

Hope you have an inspired day. Sending grand baby love from Philly:)

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