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Today my heart is full of home, holidays, and hope. On the cusp of cooking and Christmas, our family will also welcome Baby Noel. We are waiting with great anticipation of her entrance into this world. Then there will be trips to Philly, transitions into motherhood for my eldest daughter, and new roles for the rest of us. Fall brings on excitement and anticipation as temperatures cool and the air becomes brisk. There are times I feel like my heart might burst as it joyfully embraces a new day of work, rest, sports, ministry, and more. AND THEN HE GIVES US MORE! I’ve come to realize that God loves to enlarge our heart and our capacity to love more, serve more, and enjoy more of His bountiful blessings. May you know the bounty and blessings of your Heavenly Father this season. The way we enjoy others, family and loved ones, is but a mere shadow of His unmeasurable love for us. I pray your heart is full today. I will sing to the Lord for He has dealt bountifully with me! Psalm 13:6 #enjoythebounty #storyoftheday #psalm13:6

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