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The story’s been stirring for a while. I’ve procrastinated because it’s not a pleasant one. Death has visited my store a few times in four years and never hasnt been pleasant. When I think about the customers I’ve lost whether it’s been natural causes or suicide, I remember there faces and their friendship realizing their absence has left a small tear in my heart. But this last early departure is a little different. I was headed out of town late one recent Friday afternoon. As I closed down and prepared to take off for the weekend I heard the sirens blare as they raced past the store. I knew I️t

  was something big because of the sheer number of cars. I checked on all my people and then said a quick prayer. “God be present, comfort, send ministering angels, and be glorified.” It’s fairly routine but sincere. I️t was a number of days before I heard what happened. A high speed chase in my neighborhood had resulted in an arrest. Then I️t was a couple days later I got the news the man was dead. I got mixed stories about the cause, which was unimportant to me. What troubled me was remembering his face and the face of his children the last time he brought them in for a burger after school. He didn’t come often but his presence was felt when he did come. I️t was always the end of the day and more than once I cooked fresh burgers for his crew. He never raised his voice or mistreated them. He was quiet but kind to me. Sometime in the last month or so I heard he was using drugs again and my heart tightened thinking of his children and their loss. Now it’s not drugs but death. Until eternity, believing he knew Christ, they will never see him face to face again. I can literally see the eyes of his young son in the store surrounded by his sisters. I HATE THE DARKNESS OF DRUGS in our community. I️t steals and kills. I️t leaves kids fatherless and motherless. I️t steals the hearts and minds of our children. I am convinced people turn to drugs because they are unconvinced of God’s immeasurable love for them. Because when you know that love IT CHANGES YOU. You want more of that grace and love than you do destruction. May our lives always be about sharing that love with others. 

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